Petroleum Services

Our network offers access to an international customer, indispensable asset in the area of globalization.


General Control undertake to promote and maintain a high level in terms of quality and safety. Our inspectors are trained to respond with competence and experience to your requests for inspection on the following products:


  • Crude oil
  • Residual oils, asphalt, bunker fuels
  • Refined products including gasoline, diesel fuels, aviation fuels
  • Petrochemicals, base stocks, aromatics, solvents, lube oils an d additives
  • Liquefied petroleum gases and liquefied natural gases
  • Organic liquids, acids, alkalines


Our competence also covers the entire chain of oil exploration, refining, storage.


We operate on the following:


  • Supervision of marine loading, on-board transfer and discharge
  • Quality and quantity control
  • R.O.B., bunker surveys
  • Pipeline transfers
  • Shore line pressure recording
  • Cleanliness inspection of transportation and storage facilities
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Calibration of liquid storage tanks


General Control undertake to provide an independent quality control, compliance with standards and statement of recognition.