Food aid

As part of its international activities, General Control is involved in control of food aid around the world.


These checks are made on behalf of donor governments, and require a very special experience in terms of their execution. They are mostly conducted on difficult operations, with geopolitical contexts requiring an ability to adapt quickly. General Control was surrounded by a team whose experience in this area goes back over 20 years.


The principle is the knowledge of different ways of unloading, storage and distribution of aid, with services that, beyond the thechnical control, these services are used to ensure that goods can be delivered in the best possible conditions.



  • Governments
  • State agencies
  • NGOs


Terms of intervention

  • Preliminary study: ''Monitoring'' on checking logistic following criteria:
    • Optimum delivery period (weather conditions, goods conservation )
    • Unloading facilities (availability of certain means lifting, bagging...)
    • State of stores expected to receive the goods (general staes,  sealing, cleaning, potential fumigation,  storage capacity ...)
    • Coordination with the receiving
  • Monitoring and control of quantity and quality of goods
  • Monitoring and control of compliance with specific requirements of donors (marking specific safety stock...)
  • Control of means of delivery planned for aid
  • Control of storage areas in secondary distributions remote
  • Ability to intervene in difficult countries, establishment of a temporary structurees for the control if necessary.