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Responsible Territory

To become a "Territoire Responsable (Responsible Territory)", is what General Control proposes with the territorial collectivities (communes, communities of communes or agglomerations).   This offer…

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Compliance Principles

  Integrity General Control is committed to operating in a professional, independent and impartial manner in all its…

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Management Systems Assessment and Certification

General Control's assessment and certification division has developed an innovative service based upon the following:


  • Management systems assessment and certification by third-party


  • The requirement standards for “third type” management systems (supply chain, energy, ethics, corporate social responsibility...)

For any organization whose goal is excellence, General Control recommends a certification and assessment process designed as a management tool and a constant source of progress.


Areas of Application


  • Supply chain safety management systems (ISO 28000:2007)
  • Energy management systems (EN 16001)
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility management