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Collateral management

Collateral management is a tripartite agreement between: The holder of funds (bank, pledgee, financial) The borrower or exporter The third owner designated for filing, storage…

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Mineral and metals services

General Control offer services in the field of inspection of metals and minerals. Technicians are involved throughout the chain from extraction to loading / unloading…

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Petroleum Services

Our network offers access to an international customer, indispensable asset in the area of globalization.   General Control undertake to promote and maintain a high…

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Food aid

As part of its international activities, General Control is involved in control of food aid around the world.   These checks are made on behalf…

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Consumer goods and foodstuffs

Provide a quality control, this is the mission of General Control .   Our group offers expertise in the field of inspection of consumer goods…

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Fund monitoring

General Control proposes an impartial and proactive fund monitoring service for providers of property development funding and clients investing in importantl projects.   Our service…

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Agricultural services

Our network offers access to expertise in the field of inspection of agricultural products.   General Control undertake to promote and maintain a high level…

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Associations and Professional Organisations

I.S.O. (The International Organisation for Standardisation)


G.A.F.T.A. (The Grain And Feed Trade Association)

A.S.T.M. (The American Society for Testing and Materials)

F.O.S.F.A.(The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations)

I.F.I.A. (The International Federation of Inspection Agencies)

I.I.M.S. (The International Institute of Marine Surveying)

A.O.A.C. International (The Association of Analytical Communities)

N.I. (The Nautical Institute)

O.C.I.M.F. (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum)